Guest Post: The Best Wellies for Willes

Guest post from the hitched with my Willie - author K.E. Rocha.

I discovered Kauffman Mercantile a few years ago when searching for a gift for the Hitched Willie himself. Will loves items that will last him a lifetime. He loves inheriting quality pieces from his father’s and his grandfather’s collections, and he loves breaking in new products that he imagines having with him throughout the years and eventually passing on to… Reggie. 

So, finding the perfect gift for Will means finding something worthy of a lifetime of love and wear. A lot of pressure. Until I found Kauffman Mercantile, an online shop with the tag line “Discover Better Products”. 

At first, I kept Kauffman Mercantile a secret. I didn’t want Will to know I had a one stop shop for heirloom-worthy, Hitched Willie-perfect gifts, like the German Handcrafted Copper Cuff, and the Flat Top Red Metal Tool Box

When I eventually introduced Will to Kauffman Mercantile, to my surprise I was the one who benefited. In Will’s hours of surfing what quickly became his favorite website for learning about and ogling new home and outdoor gear, he found a gift for the gifter (that’s me!). 

I had long been searching for the perfect pair of wellies to wear on dewy morning walks through the tall grass in Vermont, or just plain rainy days in NYC. As it turns out, those boots were waiting for me at Kauffman Mercantile all along, in the form of Foldable Japanese Rubber Boots from Hokkaido Japan. 

I highly recommend you check them out for yourself or for the soggy-footed man or woman in your life.  Here's why:

  • They’re durable enough for paddy farmers in Japan, who they were originally designed for
  • They fold up into shockingly small little bundles that are easy to slip into the side pocket of a weekender
  • They’re lightweight and legitimately comfortable—two qualities I’ve never had before in a rain boot
  • They’re produced in a small factory in Hokkaido Japan, and because they’re sold through Kauffman Mercantile, you can trust that they are ethically made
  • They’re versatile… I mean they go with lots of outfits. The most important thing, obviously.