why you need "choppers"

Affectionately called "Choppers" by my friends from Minnesota, they get their nickname from being the glove of choice for chopping wood.  What's great about deerskin is their great durability plus elasticity - so they feel soft and broken in right away and also stand up to a lot of action in the field and seriously stay very dry even when soaking wet. 

The ones pictured are from Caiman, a 30+ year old company out of California known for making hard wearing gloves.  I love the quality to price Caiman offers - high quality / fair price.  Featuring a Keystone Thumb, which a  is a separate piece stitched onto the palm, it offers the most ergonomically flexible thumb style (HW new fact learned - there are different ways to stitch a thumb onto a glove).

Check out FilsonL.L. Bean and Best Made Co. for some other variations on the classic.

Now, get your chore coat on and go chop a stack of wood!